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Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Anchorage trip for this cowgirl

This weekend I had a trip to Anchorage planned- catch up with Patrick in the big city, -without the kids, eat a at Marx Brothers Cafe, go skiing, relax. I had an airline ticket which was about to expire (volcano a year ago caused my flight to be cancelled). Going for a one-nighter to Anchorage was something we had never done before. Seemed like a fun idea. My sister Ella has been "encouraging" (ie pestering) me for years to do this with Patrick--take a trip to the "big" city!

Yesterday my pre-trip planning was going smoothly...until the late afternoon. Nora started complaining of a sore tummy, and I thought it was just because she eats her food fast (something that she takes after her father on). But later in the evening, she started getting quite sick and throwing up. Poor thing. I was due to leave for Anchorage this morning, so after a few hours of Nora's illness, I texted the babysitters I had lined up and cancelled their weekend services. I figured that even if she was better, I couldn't bear to just jump on a plane and take off. And what if she wasn't really all that much better, and the babysitters had to take care of her sick? It just didn't seem like a good thing to do. I also had to call Marx Brothers Cafe, where our dinner reservations had been held for almost 6 weeks. It killed me to have to cancel...the guy was VERY nice about it. He said 3 times, "Thank you so much for cancelling". I think probably a lot of people just don't show and then it is lost revenue for them. (Isn't it so horrible that people do that?!)

So Nora went to bed, slept through the night with no more illness and seemed fine today. In the morning, I briefly considered trying to get on a later flight to Anchorage for this evening, but I would've had to pay a change fee AND I had already cancelled the sitters, so it would've taken more leg work to make it happen. In the end, it ended up being a fun day. We made some muffins, went to Safeway then went to Mike and Roxann's house to paint and hunt for Easter eggs. Roxann has such a great Easter spirit every year-its so fun to do the egg hunts with the kids. I'm never ambitious enough to get all the plastic eggs, etc...together enough to pull things like that off. The kids did this new type of egg dying were you shake the eggs in small plastic bags with different colored dyes and glitter. It was less muss and fuss than the standard dipping and soaking with the vineager. The event was a success by all measures!

Patrick is going to try standby flights tonight to make it home (he has been there since Wednesday for his Alaska Anthropological Conference)! And I"m hoping he and I can do something fun together tomorrow.


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