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Friday, March 05, 2010

Sick House

Its been the sick house here on Cliffside Road. Nora and Stuey both contracted the horrible, cough-fever virus. Its been 3 days now. In the middle of the night Stuey and Nora wake up feverish and crying sadly cause they feel so crummy.They've been home for several days in a row now.

Looks like they may be turning the corner today. They both have increased energy and spirits are up. Poor Patrick has gotten it as well-hes not feeling so good today. This morning he laid on the couch looking out in space. For anyone who knows my energizer-bunny husband....that is NOT like him. Hopefully a few doses of Sudafed between now and race day can numb his symptoms enough to do the Tour of Anchorage.



Sue and Brian said...

We miss them! Get better soon Nora and Stuey. I'm glad things are looking better today!

Sue and Fiona

Catherine West said...

We had it too - hope you guys are better and congrats to Patrick on his finish!