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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snow Cycle

It looks like Kodiak might just have turned the corner on all that rain and 40 degrees. Now it seems to be raining and 35 degrees. But I'm not complaining. This photo shows what a difference a temperature drop of a few degrees makes - it may be raining in town but it is all snow on Pyramid. Yesterday I even went skate skiing at the golf course.

I've noticed that Kodiak develops weather patterns that last about a month. For the last month we've endured a cycle of 'pineapple expresses' that tipped over backward - hence the rain in Kodiak while it stayed cold in the interior of Alaska. Now it looks like the interior is seriously cold while the moisture is traveling east to west (Juneau to Kodiak) along the edge of the cold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this means lots of snow! Patrick

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