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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got Lice?

ZOYA"S VERSION of the story
I don't think we ever really "got lice".

It was 10 days ago. I was at work, when I head footsteps and voices outside my treatment room door. I exused myself for a moment, as I could hear Patrick's voice. The door was left open a crack as Patrick told me that Nora had lice and he had to take her home. He asked me what to do and if I could come home to help DDT our house. All I could think was, "I have to go back into a treatment room and treat my client...she is going to think that I have lice too! EEEEKKK". I kept the conversation as brief as possible, got back to my treatment room and finished the session. Thankfully my client didn't leave the clinic running AND she returned for her next appointment. Phew!

When I got home, we all did the RID shampoo, washed linens etc. The Preschool caught it very early, and I never truly saw an egg in her hair...and boy did I look. Better to be safe than sorry!


(This part of the post was written 10 days ago-the afternoon Patrick returned home with Nora. We thought it was worse than it actually turned out to be.)
I thought about titling this post 'Head Lice Eek!' or 'Stay Away from the Saltonstalls'. Suffice it to say, we got lice. Now we are in the process of cleaning everything in the house and dousing down the kids in strong chemicals. I gather we'll soon be grooming each other with combs like the apes on a National Geographic special.

Today started as a normal work day (albeit - a normal Martin Luther King work day). I dropped the kids off at their various day care facilities and went on in to the Museum. Then I get the call from Nora's Day care - they were checking the kids for lice and found 'knits' in Nora's hair. Time to go pick her up.

I arrived to find her already in quarantine - reading by herself at a table. She tearfully informed me that she 'has bugs in hair'. It really did disturb her having to leave all 'her friends'. She asked me if I'd ever had bugs in my hair, 'when you were a kid'. She also asked if my sister had ever had bugs in hair - now where did that one come from?

From there we went and picked up Stuey, and then a quick visit to Safeway to pick up the 'bug eradication kit'. Now we are at home and in the midst of the 'bug eradication process'. Wish us luck - and it probably is a good idea to stay away from the Saltonstalls - at least for a day or two. Patrick

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