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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Camera

A couple of weeks ago I sat on my old camera and broke it. I could not be too sad. It had done pretty well to last a year, pretty much always in my pocket. That's what durable point and shoots are for! So I decided to buy the same camera - Pentax Optio - only I got the upgraded model (the W-80). And it arrived a couple days ago.

Since then I read the owner's manual and have been experimenting with it. It is truly amazing what these point and shoots can do! I learned all sorts of things while reading the manual. For instance, I now know how to set the white balance for the particular conditions (see photo of Stuey on the floor doing a puzzle). I also learned how to use a tripod, set the ISO and take long exposures at night. Pretty good controls for a point and shoot.

In fact, I learned so much that I went back and re-read the manual for the Canon G-9 that we've had for almost 2 years now. One of the cool things I discovered was color swap and color accent. I took the two photos of the aloe plant behind our kitchen sink, and by accenting the green color only I made it seem like it was an alien taking over our kitchen - a la the plant in the 'Little Shop of Horrors'.

I think I'll be taking better pictures in the future - I definitely know the controls a bit better. Patrick


My Little Family: said...

Patrick I have always liked photographs with that color accent. Your aloe plant photo is wonderful!

kodiak said...

cool pics patrick. can you drop the new camera in a glass of water? i always enjoyed that trick.