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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fog Inversion

Today when i went skiing it was pea soup fog in town. It was so thick I had to slow way down, and I was very happy that on coming cars had their headlights on. Then when I got near the pass it started to clear and I could see the mountains shining in the sun looking up through the fog.

Up high it was a bluebird day. I just wish it had been better skiing. I tried to skate ski because the crust seemed solid at the parking lot. But as I skated up into the mountain it got less solid as I climbed. It looks like we had a temperature inversion and it was only freezing down low. But I managed to posthole on up above the ski chalet and eventually I got up to a crust that would hold me up on top on my skate skiis. And I did sakte ski around for a bit. But it was pretty bad skiing.

Good thing the visuals were outstanding!


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