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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2 Cool Blogs

I recently found out about 2 blogs that I think local Kodiak folk should find interesting. I have put the links on our blog's 'blogs of interest' sidebar.

One is a blog called 'Deckboss' that keeps up on Alaska Fishing issues. Here's the address -
It's updated daily by Wesley Loy a reporter from Anchorage - and seems to be on top of anything related to fishing.

The other blog is titled 'Stewards of the Buskin River State Recreation Site' -
And is dedicated to keeping track of the Kodiak airport runway extension. It's possible that the airport might have a runway extended in front of the Buskin River mouth. This would obviously impact a great many subsistence and recreation related activities for both locals and visiting tourists. This is a project that I think everyone who lives in Kodiak should be following closely. The plan will come up for public comment soon - NOW is our chance to submit our input and to make sure something terrible does not happen.

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