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Monday, January 04, 2010

Canning in the New Year

On Saturday Erin H, Zoya, Ryan J and I canned up over 80 jars of Red Salmon. Ryan provided the fish, Zoya kept the kiddos corralled while Erin and I fed the pressure cookers. We had 4 pressure cookers going all at once on the stove in our kitchen. Nedless to say, but our kitchen got a little steamy and all the windows fogged up. According to the weather station Zoya got me for Christmas, at one point it was 76 degrees with 66 % relative humidity. What a job! Now we got all the canned salmon we'll need for the winter. Whoo Hooo!

The top 2 photos are me and Erin emptying the first load of canned 'product'. The bottom photo is Nora and Zoya at sunrise on the dawning of the new decade.

1 comment:

Mike, Alisa and Elias said...

Happy New Year !! It warms my heart to see the pressure cookers going! xxox Alisa