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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Litterbug Intervention, Mr. Thristy and Needle Visitation


Today I caught a litterbug.

I was driving down Mill Bay road when I saw off to the left a boy (9 or 10 years old) throw a napkin onto the ground. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought-did he just litter? In plain day? With me driving by? Thats not cool!

So I slowed down, looked in my rearview mirror and was pleased to see that there were no cars behind me. I stopped the car, put it in reverse and caught up with the litterbug.

"Ummm...exuse me." I said.

He looked up at me with a blank face.

"Did you just throw that napkin on the ground back there?"

"Huh?" He replied.

"I saw you throw that napkin on the ground. Can you please go and pick it up?"

He didn't say a word, walked up to the napkin and began to pick it up. I told him I'd gladly take it and throw it away. He started to bring it towards me. I saw that there was also a ziplock bag that he stepped on when picking up the napkin.

I asked, "Can you grab that ziploc bag too?"

He said, "i didn't drop that."

"I know. We should clean it up to."

I grabbed both items, said, "thank you" and drove away.

He really handled it well and didn't get defensive or put up a verbal argument with me, which was good.

I just hope that we raise Nora and Stuey to be good stewards to the earth and to not litter. It really is a disgusting habit and even more disgusting to actually see it in action.

Nora had another Happy Visit at the dentist today and I got to go. It was a HOOT.

I absolutely LOVE our dental hygienist, Erin, at Dr. Arneson's. She had Nora get in the chair, explained that she was going to raise the chair up high--even higher than mommy! Nora laughed. After tilting Nora back in the chair, she turned on the overhead face light and said, "Lets shine Mr. Sunshine on your feet." She pointed the light to Nora's feet and Nora (and I) laughed. Then she moved 'Mr.Sunshine' to Nora's chest. We laughed again. Then she finally moved the light to Nora's mouth.
Erin was so good about explaining everything she was going to do to Nora before she did it and she had Nora completely CAPTIVATED!!

Erin was able to clean Nora's teeth (like a REAL teeth cleaning), floss a few of them AND paint flouride on them in a matter of 15 minutes. And she had us in laughter all the while. I held Stuey in my lap and he laughed away as well. (Hannah was with me too--the plan was for Stuey and her to be in the waiting room, but Stuey knew that he wanted to be part of the action...and he rebelled).

Erin said Nora was the youngest client she has ever been able to professionally clean their teeth. Pretty impressive on Erin's part, especially considering that Nora is NOT a fan of people putting things around her mouth/face.
The funniest part was Erin calling the water-sucker device "Mr. Thristy". She'd spray water in her mouth then say, "Now lets get Mr. Thristy to clean it up." Nora would laugh and really got to liking Mr. Thristy quite a bit!
What a fun time.

On Thursday I have a planned visitation with the needle (in medical custody at Providence Anchorage) that was taken out of Stuey's leg. I got only a quick glimpse of it after it was removed. It was promptly sent off to Anchorage for supposed further evaluation. I'll be en route to Boston but have a several hour layover in Anc so I'll be off to Providence and meet with Risk Management department and see the needle once again. There are still many questions we are all asking about it. Everyone at Providence has been very helpful with the situation.

(Bless the hearts of my sister, Ella, and Alexis J. for listening to "the needle saga" for over a month now. You guys rock. )


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