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Saturday, October 04, 2008

James' Deer

Another hunt, another deer. But much easier than our hunt two weeks ago! We headed up in the dark and broke out into the alpine at dawn. We saw quite a few deer, but all does. We did spot a big buck, but he was a long ways off, and we had just decided to make tracks and go for the big guy - when we spotted a nice 2X2. This time, unlike on our hunt two weeks ago, we decided a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush (or in this case a bigger buck), and we started our stalk on the close by buck (the bird in hand).

We got to within a couple hundred yards of the buck and it had moved over the crest of the hill. James went on alone while Gregg and I killed time looking for other deer. Then boom - only one shot, a very good sign. And yes, James had shot it perfectly.

As I approached James I saw another buck practically right next to him - I asked him if that was his deer getting away. He said no his was right by his feet. He was shocked to see another deer so close by. It bounded off and off in chase I went. I finally did have a perfect shot at it- but did a very smart thing. I did not shoot. By the time I located it, the deer was near the bottom of a sheer alder slope, and it would have been hell packing it up out of the alders and back up 1200 feet to the top of the mountain and the trail home.

So we got our deer and headed home. It is always good when you get home before 3PM.

Photos: Top James and Gregg with James' deer. Bottom Gregg and James hike home with packs full of meat. Mission accomplished. Patrick

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