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Monday, October 13, 2008

Elk Hunt Update

The guys got two elk---and are going for more. And all is well with the anchor and boat. Phew.
All 5 of them drew elk permits but I think they'd be more than thrilled with just 1 more elk. 3 elk is a LOT of meat. Processed and packaged, I believe its somewhere close to 800 pounds of meat. Several years ago they got 3 and thats what it amounted to. And many days of meat processing in the Eufemios house...

All is well at home. My energy has been high today--and I've had a fun time with the kids. We went to Cactus Flats to get Nora some natural cough syrup. Both the kids in there was overwhelming. Too many objects at their level. Nora grabbed several things--including a can of soda and dropped it. Somehow the impact spot on the side split open and soda started spraying everywhere. I had to hold the can up to my mouth and suck on it to keep it from getting all over Stuey and I. Stuey thought it was quite funny. People walked into the store and gave me a funny look--me sucking on the side of the can. Once the store clerk realized what was going on, she got me a cup and I put the can in the cup. I apologized all over myself for the mess and she was so nice.
"No problem at all. We've had MUCH worse casualties in this store. Kids have dropped glass vitamin jars."she replied.
That made me feel somewhat better.
We have LOTS of work to do in the store etiquette department. Its my own fault, as I haven't really taken them to any store other than Safeway. And in Safeway they are in a cart--a BEAUTIFUL thing!!

The house is a disaster zone. Gotta go clean it up a bit before beginning again tomorrow!!


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