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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Elk Hunt Prep

Only 3 more days 'till we motor off in the Alpha Centuri in search of Elk on North Afognak. My favorite part of the annual elk hunt is the awesome hiking, exploring and backcountry camping. Of course I also enjoy drinking Ben's beer in the evening too. And there is always the elk. They are not much fun to carry back to the boat, but there always is that sense of accomplishment once you got the big boy back to the boat (see top photo - from last year's hunt). That's when the beer tastes really good. Most of our time elk hunting is spent glassing for elk that seem nowhere to be found (bottom photo - from 2004's hunt). Good thing the views are stunning.

But right now I am buying food and getting gear ready. I only got 3 days. Can you imagine if I forgot to buy coffee or something? Patrick

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