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Monday, July 21, 2008


My Seattle class and trip went better than I could've hoped for-all airline connections were made, Elaine and I chatted away on the flights. The hotel was lovely-corner room and plenty of space for Elaine, Roxann and myself. Plus good view of downtown and the Space Needle! The class was more than I ever could've hoped for-wonderful lab format and TONS of hands on time to practice the techniques on eachother. The instructor, Randall Kusunose, is talented, witty and so intelligent with anatomy and the Strain Counterstrain technique.
I also ran into an old college friend downtown. It was wild! Elaine and I were walking by a crepe shop and we thought, that'd be fun-to get a crepe for dessert. I went up to order and the person working the counter was my friend, Andrew, from college. I looked at him and said, "Andrew?" and he said, "Zoya?". So fun! He made me a nutella/banana crepe as we chatted about our lives since college. In college he started up a crepe stand at the local farmers market in Ithaca and since then has taken off with crepe businesses...and now he has a store on Pike Street in downtown Seattle right next to the convention center. So cool!
On my way home, I had an 8 hour lay over in Anchorage, so Bonnie picked me up and we went back to her place and I got some time with her, Todd and Kellen. So fun to catch up and relax for a couple of hours.
Upon my return, Stuey and Nora had lots of smiles and Nora gave me lots of hugs as I sat on the couch and nursed Stuey. It feels great to be home!


Roxann, Me, Randy and Elaine at class.
Roxann, Elaine and myself with our desserts Saturday night at Tango. Chocolate ice cream with Cayenne pepper and Chocolate Diablo with cayenne sprinkled on the side. So yummy!
Elaine practicing her Strain Counterstrain techniques for the ankle on Roxann. The lab assistant, Lisa, stands to the left.
Andrew making a nutella/banana crepe. Ummm..Ummm...YUM!
Bonnie and I hanging out on the couch last night. Photo taken by Kellen.

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