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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Biting Epidemic

This past week has been a wee bit stressful around the Saltonstall household. The kids were quite sleep deprived by the time I arrived home on Monday Monday, Tues and Wed were trying-to say the least. Yesterday was a bit better and today was considerably better, so I think they are finally catching up-on sleep, that is. Thank heavens.

Nora AND Stuey have been biting. It is horrifying. You'd think Nora would be over it by now-as she is almost 3 and seems to understand that biting IS NOT cool. Stuey just discovered biting last week. Evidently he bit a fellow dare care guy. And then yesterday he bit Nora. Left big marks on her arm. She screamed HARD but as she looked down at her arm I think she realized how much it hurts and maybe she'll rethink biting Stuey in the future.

Patrick and I are worried about the kids being kicked out of day care. Not sure if its a "3 strikes and you're out" policy or how that works. We'll just keep our fingers crossed that the biting stops soon. I don't want Stuey and Nora to be bully kids and Patrick and I discipline Nora when she does it. Sigh. Turmoils of parenting. As I always say, never a dull moment.

On a more uplifting note, our friend Amy Margaris is staying with us for 3 weeks. She is a professor of anthropolgy at Oberlin College in Ohio. We've known her for many years and she is doing some research work at the museum. The past few days we've joked with her, saying "We won't be offended Amy if you take off to a hotel for the rest of your stay..." as there has been a constant chorus of cries in the house. She is a trooper!


I couldn't resist putting a few more Seattle photos on the blog. The first was taken in downtown Seattle of a Hummer-stretch-limo that we saw on Pike street. We were so amazingly horrified by it--I just had to take a picture. I wonder how many miles per gallon it gets.....I think Hummers are the most irresponsible environmental impact item on the planet.

Roxann, myself, Randy and Elaine. Just another photo of the 4 of us. Randy doesn't know it, but he is my PT guru! The techniques I have learned from him have entirely changed the way I practice physical therapy. I'm lovin' it!


My LIttle Family: said...

Not to worry too much Zoya - I am sure that biting is a phase because I've never heard of it being a middle or high school problem, LOL. (Thought you could use a laugh with image of high school biting).

I am a fellow hummer hater with fuel consumption being the primary reason, although there are many other reasons as well, but it would be interesting to know the gas used in that one monster vehicle compare to the number of people in it if they each drove individually to the same place. I wonder if it could actually be more efficient?

Art Vandelay said...

You have a very nice blog and lovely family!