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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls Camping Trip to Pasagshak

Last night 7 of us gals took a road trip to Surfers Beach-a long gorgeous beach past Pasagshak. We enjoyed the evening without rain, crisp temperatures, slight breeze. Some highlights of the trip included:

-whales spouting in the bay. There were probably 20+ whales in the bay-spouting, breeching out of the water, and playing in the distance. Where ever we looked there were whales feeding in the ocean.

-chili: We sauteed onions and peppers in a dutch oven on the campfire. When the veggies were cooked, we added 3 cans of chili and served it on a bed of spinach with Doritos. Thats right-SPINACH. It was GOOD. Amy's idea. Got our veggies in on the camping trip.

-The sound of the ocean waves. The surf is incredible at "Surfers Beach." The sound lulled us to sleep.

-Laughter and stories as we sat around the campfire enjoying drinks and food.

(...Unexpected injection of testosterone occurred as men tried to inch their way into our party. Two guys from Canada who were spending several days surfing for waves (and chicks, apparently) were quite excited to see two car loads of girls come up. It wasn't the girls ONLY night we planned, but it was fun.)



Amy and MJ at the Pasagshak hill overlook
Amy and MJ admiring the view and whale spouting close off shore. (if you look super closely, you may be able to see the spout)
Jenny and Erin waking up this morning.
The gals putting up the McMansion-a 7 person $40 dollar Walmart tent which did the job PERFECTLY.
Lisa, Amy and MJ cooking chili and hotdogs for dinner.

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