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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seattle Times

My 2 days in Seattle have been fabulous. The class I"m taking has 27 people in it, 2 instructors and 2 assistants. The first 2 hours were lecture and every other minute is spent in lab practicing the techniques on eachother. Strain Counterstrain is such a gentle, powerful technique in alleviating muscle spasms. I continue to be VERY inspired by the work of the osteopathic physicians and physical therapists who developed and now teach this technique. The applications are endless and I am in continuing education HEAVEN.

Tonight Elaine, Roxann and myself went to a yummy restaurant called TANGO. A Tapas restaurant. MJ and I went there a year ago and it is catty corner from our hotel now. I had a mojito (SO GOOD) and a delicious mushroom dish. The menu had a few gluten free options for Roxann and low sugar options for Elaine. Roxann is allergic to wheat and Elaine has to keep her sugar intake low. I joked with the waiter and said, "I can't eat anything with cow growth hormones.."....Joking of course. He looked at me for moment, as if to say, "OMIGOSH". Then I broke into a laugh and said, "just kidding." we got a good laugh out of it. The menu fortunately had lots of yummy options for Elaine and Roxann! Yeah! Last night we ate at a Thai restaurant which was also very helpful for Elaine and Roxann in picking out menu options. Waiters seem very aware of gluten free options on menus.

Taking the class has been such a fun getaway AND bonding time for Elaine, Roxann and myself. We're able to chat about class and decompress afterwards. The people in the class feel a tiny bit stuffy and competitive so its nice to have the three of us to laugh about it later. We've come to the conclusion that there is a bit of a competitive air amongst PT's in the Seattle area. It is a competitive air which doesn't exist nearly as strong in Anchorage classes.
Its been a good time and an incredible learning experience.

One more day of class then we head home. This time away has been rejuvenating.

And Patrick rocks. Every time I talk to him he is so cheery and he is DADDIO FABIO. Stuey wakes up at 5:00 AM, Patrick brings him to our bed and Stuey falls back asleep for an hour or two. So cool. I feel so blessed to be able to sneak away for 4 days and have things go so well on the homefront.


pictures to come upon my return from Seattle....

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