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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two Year Tantrums

Something about having a kid is partial payback for the things you did to your parents. This is where our parents can sit back and chuckle to themselves. And today was a payback day for the time I bent my moms car key in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

Mary Jane and I met at the Chowderhouse and Nora seemed set on having a juice bottle from the refrigerator. I had already written the check for our lunch, so I said no and offered her water from a cup. She stood there screaming.

After picking her up and covering her mouth with my hand, we went over to the table where Mary Jane and Stuart were sitting. Nora wouldn't stop screaming and her body writhed with anger in my arms. I tried the "look at the birds on the water" distraction technique which worked for about 2 seconds before her loud cries began again. After realizing that she wasn't going to de-escalate, I requested to have our food to go and we had to leave.

So we drove home and I munched on her fries in the front seat. Probably not the best thing to do (rubbing salt in an open wound)....but at least we were out of the restaurant.

What goes around, comes around. When I was 3 or 4 one of my earliest memories is having a temper tantrum about wanting a straw and not having one and I threw the hugest temper tantrum of my life. I grabbed my moms keys and bent it-I think she could barely get it in the ignition. Yikes.


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Katie said...

Oh Zoya... I can so relate to this. You may have noticed Maya's behaivor at your brunch last week? I spent all weekend trying to prevent her from shaking her fists and screaming at my sister's new in-laws. My son was so mild-mannered at age two, I think I became a bit self-righteous about my parenting. I will never again judge a parent by the behaivor of their toddler.
Also - that part about the french fries made me laugh.