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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In the last week we have experienced a few hard frosts, and the garden is dying. It is time to harvest what is left for the winter. Last year I kept my carrots and onions too long in the ground and the ground froze solid. I never did get to eat the last of the carrots and onions last year.

This year I have already harvested all the potatos and carrots. And every night i have been covering the lettuce with a tarp to protect them from the frost. So far so good - the lettuce is in fine shape. The kale (pictured) actually seems to taste sweeter after a few frosts - so it stays. Sometimes the kale and brocoli lasts well into December. Pretty soon all will be brown and dead and Winter will have arrived. I can't wait. Winter is my favorite season. Let it snow! Patrick

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