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Friday, October 05, 2007

Nora pushing Stuart around

Lately Nora has been pushing Stuart around-in an appreciated way!

We discovered Stuart fits perfectly in Noras push wagon. During every moment of Stuart's waking existence (the past 2 days), Nora insists on having Stuart in the cart. She pushes Stuey around the house, cutting the corners short, flying from one end of the house to another. Stuart has a look of part excitement, part terror on his face but he laughs and smiles-seems to enjoy it! As she takes him around the house, she gives him little toys to play with and he seems happily occupied.

The past few weeks I am seeing the beginnings of Stuart and Nora playing together. Stuart is a little buddy to Nora. She likes having him near her. And taking care of him.


1 comment:

megan said...

That is so adorable!!!