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Monday, October 15, 2007

Deer for Ray, Julie & Lars

Ray, Julie and Lars are down from Seward on their bi-annual 'fill the freezer' trip to Kodiak. In Early June they visit to get their supply of red salmon, and in October they drop in for Sitka Blacktail deer. For the last two days the deer meat prognosis was not looking good. On Saturday we hiked all day and only saw 3 does and a fawn (on the Kodiak roadsystem it is bucks only). Then yesterday Ray and I had hiked for 4 hours and had seen nothing. We were almost at our turn around point, and it was beginning to look like Ray had visited Kodiak for just two glorious hikes, when out popped a buck. Saved at the buzzer! Ray got in two glorious hikes AND got to bring home the bacon. That is the best of both worlds. In the photo Ray is hiking up to the top of a mountain with Womans Bay and the City of Kodiak in the distance. Patrick

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