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Friday, October 19, 2007

Crib Fiasco

Two nights ago, Stuey fell out of our bed-luckily our bed is off the frame and on the floor so it wasn't much of a bonk. Nonetheless, I decided it was high time for a crib for him. I called a local furniture store yeseterday who said they had one in stock and could deliver it yesterday evening around 6:30 PM. PERFECT! Patrick is out reindeer (caribou) hunting for 3 days, so I invited Mary Jane over to help with dinner, hang out and help get the crib put together.

MJ cooked up steaks, asparagus and rice and 6:30, 7, 7:30 came and went without any crib. At 8:00 PM I figured it was time to put the kiddos to bed, as I didn't imagine the furniture store lady would come that late.

As I'm getting Stuart to sleep and MJ is reading Nora stories in her room, I hear a knock on the door. I think, "that CAN"T be the furniture lady-this late at night?"

Sure enough, it was.

For a $25 delivery fee, I get the joy of helping her pry the crib out of the back of her suburban in the dark with the dogs barking at us. Then it won't fit into the door. I don't have an allen wrench handy, and neither does the furniture lady. She more or less said, "Sorry-I can come back tomorrow and bring a tool" and left.

So there I was at 8:30 PM with a crib on my front step with 2 overly tired kids and a compassionate friend to help me laugh at the situation.

I called up our friend Mike with a "Crib 911" and he brought his set of allen wrenches over, took the crib apart and put it together in the nursery. What a fantastic friend!Evidently I was too nice about the crib situation with the furniture store lady. I thought I said my point by repeatedly saying, "Wow. This really isn't cool." Mike and MJ said they would've been MUCH meaner about it. Oh well. Lets just say I"ll NEVER BE DOING BUSINESS there again.

At 9:30 PM, the crib was assembled in Nora's room and the kids were both put to bed in them. Nora fell asleep over Stuey's cries and I finally brought Stuart back to bed. Sigh. Today I'll get a sheet for his crib and give it more of a go. Last night with all the commotion it wasn't a good night to start Stuart in his crib.

I decided that Stuart won't wake Nora up all that much. Thank heavens. When she needs her sleep, she needs her sleep!

Patrick called from the South end of the island saying he got a caribou and they are going for 2 more today. He is down there with Paul ZImmer and Mike Sirofchuck. Every year about this time I've had enough of hunting. Yes, I love the meat. Yes, I'm happy that its good exercise for Patrick and good away time. But Since August 1st, its been pretty much every weekend of hunting. Deer, goat, elk, caribou....more deer...By Mid October I'm ready for a little weekend time with Patrick. Who can fault me for wanting more time with my husband?


The photo is of Mike taking the crib apart last night on our porch.

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