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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sampler of events

For several months now, we've become owners of a garage sale-50-cent etch a sketch. What a find!
The mileage it has received from Nora (and Patrick and I) is unbelievable! Nora loves doodling on it (lines up and down) and she'll hand it to us to draw. We'll draw Stuart, boats, waves, trees, stars, flowers...and lately the Moon. Nora has been entranced by the moon. Patrick drew the moon for her the other night. See the drawing above. He included the couch in our kitchen, with him on it and the moon in the window.
I am discovering Patrick's artitstic side. Its quite fun! Yet another side of Patrick which fatherhood brings out. His brother Dicky is the artist in the family and I see a bit of Dicky's flare in his etch-a-sketch creations.

Tonight Patrick nervously cooked up the first Caribou meat for the 4 of us-as this was our first time eating caribou. The meat was just fabulous! Patrick cooked it just perfectly ( a bit pink in the middle) with carrots and potatoes from the garden. Gravy drizzled over the top melded all the mild flavors together. Both of us were thrilled that the meat was so yummy-similar to elk.
I appreciate more and more how much work Patrick goes through to bring such healthy, fresh meat to our dinner table. Between planning the trips, finding the animals, packing the meat out, processing it all-its a lot of time and energy.
We look forward to 'bou stew, 'bou burger, more 'bou roasts....

Hannah is a junior in high school and comes over 2 days a week and on weekends to watch the kids while I teach my spinning classes. She has a good sense of humor and has a lightness about her. She takes the kids on long walks in the stroller and to the beach right down the road.
The other night after my spinning class, the evening was still beautiful and we took the kids to the beach together for a few minutes. I gave Nora a few kitchen serving spoons to dig in the sand with which kept he hands from getting too cold, as it was barely 40 degrees. She won't kept gloves on. We'll have to work on that for winter!


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