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Thursday, August 21, 2014

That's why it's called 'Hunting'

We left camp at 5:30 AM and had been hiking and glassing for over an hour before the sun came up

This past Monday I went hunting with Lisa and Gregg and we did not get a deer - oh well.  We certainly saw a lot of deer and we even passed on a spike, but no big deer to carry home on our backs at the end of the day.  The cold hard reality of hunting is that you are not guaranteed to harvest an animal every time you go into the field.  That's why its called hunting.  Conversely, when a trip to get food is guaranteed it's generally called 'shopping'.  There was no Safeway with a credit card machine up in the mountains where we went.  And those deer are sly indeed.

Still, it was a beautiful hike.  Lisa announced that it just might have been her prettiest Kodiak hike of all time.  Lisa has lived and hiked on Kodiak for a long time too - so that is high praise indeed.  Patrick

Rugged mountains and the sea so close

Fall colors in August - Summer is coming to an end

Jacob's ladder - so called because the leaves look like a 'stairway to Heaven'

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