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Saturday, August 09, 2014


It looks like we'll need to change the banner on the blog~ Welcome, Sheba!

Our long-legged, black lab addition to the family is a hit. She likes to  chill on the couch, fetch/drop a ball and has a lightness to her step as she explores the house.

We found Sheba a week ago on the Kodiak animal shelter  Facebook Page.  From our first glance at her description and photo, we were sold. She knew commands, was good with kids and other dogs and her only downfall was "not good on a leash". Since we don't use leashes for our dog walks anyhow, we knew this wouldn't be a problem. Sheba was left at the shelter because her family was moving and couldn't take her with them.

Stuey calls her "Sheva"...and Nora is working on the "sh" part of it-the name sometimes comes out as "seba". I think in a week or so we'll all have Sheba's name mastered.

So many family and friends ask, "Why would you want another dog?" and we just respond with a question, "Why wouldn't we want another dog?" Back to being a pack of labs.

Sheba's a keeper.


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