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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


"I-am-Robot-girl" Nora said, very spontaneously. Her elbows were flexed in a robot-like-fashion and she had a sparkle in her eye as she moved her arms along with her words. "Robot-girl-ready-for-bed. Robot-girl-very-tired".  She spun around in a a small circle as a robot on its final moments might do. I wholeheartedly laughed and said, "I like your robot girl, Nora!"

"Thannnnnk you." She replied.

A few minutes later she states  "You like Stuey's robot  better."

"No I don't, Nora. You're the original. The best robot girl here." I encouraged. As she swung in her hammock chair she looked down at her feet and replied, "okkkkkk."  Silence.


This year Nora and Stuey are in the same class at school-its a mixed 2-4 grades. After a couple of days I asked the kids if they notice each other across the room, to which Nora replied, "No, I don't even notice Stuey is there." and Stuey said, "I'm really quiet. I don't say anything and if I do, I whisper." I think Stuey is moderately afraid of getting into trouble.

Stuey knows exactly which buttons to press to anger Nora and Nora is very sensitive to Stuey's (devious?) moves so their sibling "love" feeds off of each other beautifully at times here at home.

At school, this sibling behavior is a non-issue. Thus far.

It seems that people have forgotten that so many kids used to be (and still are) educated in 1 room school houses around the country and world. And that having siblings in the same class is NOT the end of the world.  Family members have suggested that we move Nora to another school to be away from Stuey. Nora is going on her 4th year at St. Mary's and she loves the school and I would never do that to her.

"How was your day?" I ask the kids in the car ride home.

"Good" Stuey replies, "In PE  we played a fun game...."

"..And then in class, Mr. Brian came to talk with our class." Nora finishes.

Gone is that competitive moment in the car, when Nora would try to tell her story of her day and Stuey would interrupt. And often it would end with someone mad at someone else.

 Now it is collaborative. THEIR class. THEIR experience. Their time looking at the events of  their day  is through a similar lense.



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