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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School excitement

Nora anticipated the post office arrival of her new school back pack, asking me every day if we could go to check the mail, and tried hard to keep her chin up  the yellow slip item waiting for us wasn't her back-pack. When the box finally arrived, she excitedly ripped open the secure paper taped packaging in the back of the car and she squealed with excitement as she she set her eyes on her new book bag.

The  pack was covered in bright cheerful, comic like birds and it was exactly what she had imagined.  Nora adjusted the shoulder straps on her own and walked around confidently with the empty bag on her bag. Later that evening, she proceeded to put her school supplies into it.

"Where should I put these?" Nora asked as she held up several plastic folders.

"In the big, back section they'd fit well." I guided.

Methodically, Nora filled up her bag with her back to school goodies. Small items in the front, larger items in the back.   She left the boring items for me to bring in on the first day- the bulky kleenex, paper towels and disinfectant wipes. Stuey asked if I could carry in his bulk items as well.

"Mom, you'll come in with us on the first day, right?" Nora asks.

"Yes! Of course! I love the first day!" I respond, knowing in my heart that these years and moments are limited-when I'm invited in and welcomed on her first day of school. Whats not to love about the first day of school energy; all the new possibilities of the year to come. Seating assignments, new crayons, new faces at school. The excitement is contagious.

Nora counts the days until Thursday the 21st of August with as much enthusiasm as waiting for Christmas.

Nora  proclaims, "If I had to pick either first day or school or Christmas, I'd pick first day of school!"

I think Stuey said he'd opt for Christmas.


A Stuey et al selfie :

Sheba! We think she may have some greyhound in her. Such long legs and runs like a greyhound. 

Kids lovin' on Sheba. 

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