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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More from our Alpine Hunt

Our big boy from the first evening

Here are a few more images from our weekend hunt.  We spent all day Monday processing the meat from the hunt. Three deer takes a long time to process and we ended up with quite the haul for our freezers.  And deer meat from August is the tastiest of all - way better than the gamy deer from November.

We had a great hunt and in retrospect we even enjoyed the rain.  If it had stayed sunny we would have had a hard time keeping the meat from the first deer cool.  On our arrival we had set up an extra tent on dry ground just for keeping meat dry.  This worked out great and the ground and dry grass kept the meat cool and dry.  Also unlike a tarp the tent did not flap excessively in the wind - and we did get some high winds.


Rolan contemplates our load of firewood while loading the floatplane - I doubt many people fly out their own firewood  (even with wood our load going out was at 800 pounds)

Whooo hoo - meat on the back to carry back to camp

It did get seriously wet - this is me chopping the local willow wood up for firewood

Gregg cuts up salami for the evening meal while inspired by the 'daily hunt'  Lisa draws on her black paper 

We brought along an extra tent to keep our deer meat dry - the 'meat' tent is in the foreground with the 'living' tent (and stove) behind it

Pretty comfortable

Another deer just before it started to rain

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