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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Fly Out Hunt

Saturday's sunrise from a mountain top - it was raining by 9AM

This past weekend Lisa, Gregg and I took a floatplane ride out of town for a quick deer hunting trip.  This is not our usual method of getting to where we camp and hunt.  Normally we drive someplace and then bushwhack up through the brush to where we camp and start our hunt.  Consequently our floatplane ride seemed very decadent.  Since we did not have to carry camp on our backs we could take a big teepee, woodstove and other extra luxuries - even beer and soda on ice.  This made for a cushy hunting trip.

The weather report was not good but we brought along some firewood and figured the ti goat wood stove would keep us warm, dry and happy.  When we arrived at our alpine lake it was brilliantly sunny and hot.  We even managed to harvest 2 deer before it started to rain and blow.  Then it was teepee time!

The good thing about a woodstove is that camping is fun even when it rains.  We made quesadillas on the stove, drank tea, stayed warm, and read books.  The teepee is big enough that we could even stand up and walk around.  And when we did go out and hunt in the rain we knew that we had a woodstove to return to that could dry everything out.  We even managed to harvest another deer.

By Sunday evening it had cleared off and we got to bask a bit in the sun before the plane arrived to take us back home.  Patrick

Cushy camp in the alpine - teepee time

Seeking out deer

Hiking a deer back to camp in the rain

Drying out in the teepee

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