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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Art Lessons; Receiving and Giving

Several weekends ago I attended an "artist in residency" training with the kodiak school district. All attendees would be given the certificate and "two thumbs up" to teach art in the schools. With quilting being my primary artistic medium, I was curious with how it would be to delve into other  art mediums and the big question...."How could I possibly teach other mediums if I'm not already familiar with them?"

After two days of experiencing art ourselves with drawing self portraits, block printing, and learning about how to teach art appreciation, I left feeling WAY JAZZED about teaching art! St. Mary's, here I come! :)

Sheila D, who is a popular sculptor statewide, taught the class and was so positive and encouraging to go, try, learn. My take home message from the weekend was a reminder that art is so good for the soul. Time to explore art more! 


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