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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bike Rides to the Park

Last week Nora, Stuey and I 'discovered' the bike path into Abercrombie State Park.  Of course I had known about the path, and, to be honest, I have always been a little disturbed that they cut down so many trees to build it.  But it was not until last week that I actually gave it a try.  Now I am very happy with the trail.

It is a GREAT way for the kids to safely get to the park and it is a GREAT trail for bike riding.  In the past they have just done loops in our driveway.  Now they have some place to go.  Still, Stuey does have some things to learn about crossing roads so it will remain a parentally guided trip - for now.  But in the not-so-distant-future I think it will become the go to trail.

I was also surprised at how many other bicyclists and hikers we saw on the trail.  I had always sort of assumed it did not get much use, and whenever I use that park entrance I've gone by car.  Now I see that the bike trail and sidewalk have made it much more pedestrian friendly.

Inside the park we also found this old time well and pump.  I showed the kids how to pump up water.  It had a warning sign about how the water needs to be treated before use.  But I bet it is good water if you boil it first.  Actually, I bet I've drunk far worse water and done nothing to treat it - dead cow water from Chirikof comes to mind.


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