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Friday, February 22, 2013


This past week was busy. Between work, trying to get skiing in for the upcoming ski race in Anchorage, and teaching weekly birth class, and fitness classes...the days have been jam packed. This afternoon it hit me.

I had clients at the coast guard base from 8-1 then was planning on skiing with Patrick. After lunch and leaving work, I met up at the lake and I just didnt' have it in me. The day was sunny, conditions perfect. I went half way around the lake and admitted to Patrick that I just didn't feel like skiing. I came home, took a short 1/2 hour nap before picking up the kids from school.  It was a rare Friday moment where my energy reserves were low. Usually once I get out on the snow, I'm good to go and now matter how busy or tired I am, I put in a good workout.

Half an hour after kids were out of school, they donned their ski gear and we headed out to the golf course. It was fun to cruise around with the kids and watch the sun descend behind the mountains.

I'm ready for a chill, low key weekend.

Bless Patrick's heart for rallying the troops this afternoon and insisting that we all go was good to get everyone outside!  Zoya


My Little Family: said...

I hear ya Zoya. Back "in the day" with little responsibilities Friday night was "woo hoo". Now I go to bed earlier on Friday night than any other day of the week because the week catches up with me. My theory is that there are a lot of demands all week coupled by inadequate sleep. Hope you have a weekend that lets you reenergize.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thanks, Vickie! Yes, there have been moments where at 8:30 on Friday night, I"m ready to hit the hay. This morning kids slept in, weekend is already off to a more restful start. Phew!