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Monday, February 18, 2013

Outside Snow Time

Hurrah for the snow!  It has certainly elevated the spirits of our family.  Over the weekend rather than hanging out inside the house and getting bored (and the inevitable kid squabble), the kids have been going outside to go XC skiing or sledding.  To my chagrin they like the downhill aspects of skiing more than the 'xc' aspect ('xc' is short for 'cross country').  Is it time to take them to a downhill ski  area for some lessons?  I'm not so sure - I figure they really might be better off initially with the whole free heel, flimsy ski thing.  It has to be better for their balance, and this way when they do get on 'real' downhill skiis it'll be a cinch.  Also with kid downhill gear on how would the kids get up the hill on their own?  I think XC gear is more akin to sledding and is better for just messing about in the snow than heavy clunky downhill gear.

Anyway, at the golf course I was amazed at how they just attacked the hill.  They just tucked it and went REALLY fast.  No fear whatsoever.  And it is a scary hill - I know a lot of adults who are scared of this hill.  Patrick

Nora doing the 'herring bone' up the hill.

This hill is a lot steeper than it looks!

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