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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back to Winter Again

Yesterday for the first time since Christmas Day the kids went skiing.  Ever since Christmas Kodiak has been stuck on a warm and gray cycle.  But yesterday it got cold and snowed. The sun came out, and it never even topped the freezing mark - hurrah!  Have we broken the cycle?  I like cold cycles better than warm ones because it tends to be sunny, and the snow reflects the light.  Warm, gray and muddy gets a little depressing.

But best of all, when there is snow on the ground the kids like to go outside.  They skiied and sledded for almost 2 hours after they got home from school.  Initially I was reluctant to get out the ski gear.  I had visions of constantly picking kids back up.  Nora begged and I relented - and then, unbelievably, they did GREAT.  Stuey quit sledding and joined Nora on skiis.

They bombed the hill downhill style.  Nora called the steepest hill the 'devil doom' because 'it's hard to ski down'.  Last year there is no way they could have made it down the hill.  Last year they could not even get up on their own.  It seems we have turned a corner.  Now if only it could stay cold and the kids learn to get into their ski boots on their own. ... .. .


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