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Monday, February 04, 2013

Stuey's 6th!

Yesterday we celebrated Stuey's 6th Birthday at the pool with friends and family. It went without a hitch...and no time-outs needed! Phew! 

My original plan was to do his party at the bowling alley, but they alley was booked so the pool was the second good choice. In the end, it was perfect because Stuey and the kids in the water had a blast and used up so much fabulous energy. Stuey jumped off the diving board for nearly 30 minutes straight alongside his friends. 

After the pool, the kids all joined in the foyer for cake, brownies and presents. Stuey didn't want frosting on his cupcakes, which was a blessing for me. Easier to make and cleaner clean up as well!

His friends were so generous and giving and Stuey got so many fun guy toys, including remote control cars, light wand, soccer ball, sponge bob pillow/lunchbox. Stuey really enjoyed himself and had a blast with his friends. 

Happy 6th to my little guy!


A tradition for Stuey; when he goes swimming, he always puts his goggles on even before leaving the house!! This time they started getting foggy in the car. 
Patrick was rockin' the underwater pics with the waterproof camera!

Patrick and Nora swimming

Fun with light refraction--little heads and BIG bodies! 

the Cake cheering crowd

Cutting the sister came just in time for the chocolate!

Deciding on a wish...

I (heart) home made wrapping paper! The best!

So many great friends shared the day with Stuey. 

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