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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Life Before the Blog

This evening, feeling bored, I decided to peruse through old photos on the computer.  Nora immediately took interest and very politely asked if she could watch too.  She pulled up a stool and then Stuey pushed his way into the picture as well.  I laid down the ground rules - no fingers on the computer screen and daddy picks where we go - and off we went.

I decided to go back to the days before we had a blog.  We've been blogging since 2006 and, as a consequence, those years seem very well documented.  After tonight, I'm realizing that the years prior to the blog have faded far more than I realized.  Partly this is a result of the digital vs film divide - everything is far better documented now that we all have cameras all of the time (the iphone revolution).  But time is also slipping, moving faster, and wow but I'm getting old!

Stuey and Nora added amazing insight.  They would instantly recognize old pieces of furniture or other minor details that had slipped from my memory 'radar'.  Also many of their comments were hilarious.  It takes a child to point out the obvious.  Nora and Stuey were both amazed at how much the living room had changed since the photo below, but they also noticed that the etching of flying squirrels eating horse feed (middle top) is still there to this day.  No TV, no shag carpet, no red couch, no katie dog ('that's the coffee table we broke and threw off of the cliff') - but hey, the bookcase and picture are still there.

In regard to the photo on the bottom (Nora and Leo as babies), Nora commented, 'as babies we did not get along - we still don't always get along.'  Nora loved her baby shower pictures and the 'baby runway' cake.  I loved the picture of Zoya with Roxie dog as a puppy.  Stuey did get a little bummed that pre blog meant pre him, but he did get a kick out of looking at our house pre renovations - "that can't be our house - how you know?" I know because I'm old, and time is slipping by way too fast.  Patrick

Waning days of the Bachelor Pad - note shag carpet, TV, and Katie dog on the couch

Zoya and baby Roxie - first child

Mary Jane with Zoya's 'bedrest' baby shower cake

Lovin' Cousins - Leo and Nora at year one

Our House in 1996 when I first moved in - Stuey and Nora had a hard time believing this one

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Molly Odell said...

It is pretty fun to look at old photos. I would not have recognized your house either!