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Monday, February 11, 2013

San Diego Training

This morning I returned (quite groggily) from a weekend trip to San Diego for  a physical therapy class. The class was 3 solid days and I flew home last night. Spent from 1-5 AM curled up on chairs in the Anchorage airport getting some zzz's. 

 The trip was wonderfully smooth with flights/connections and my class was phenomenal. The 44 other women's health physical therapists in the class were patient, kind, caring and intelligent. Its always a blessing to learn around such cool, smart people.  

The class was a more advanced level training on female pelvic floor diagnostics and treatment. Since taking my first female pelvic floor class in Columbus last fall, I was looking forward to this class-to learn more treatment skills and refine my palpation abilities further with muscle identification, etc. 

For the more curious female readers out there...below we did external biofeedback on the pelvic floor muscles. Biofeedback is a technique which uses electrodes to measure action potentials, muscular contractions, in a muscle. With this computer program, we would watch the rose open and close, as we closed and then relaxed our pelvic floor. 

My lab partner and I practicing our contract-relaxes with the computer software for visual feedback. As the muscles relax or soften, the rose opens.  

As as the muscles tightnen, the rose closes. 

These two ladies and I were at the classes in Columbus together last fall. It was so nice to see familiar faces!

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