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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Skiing the Upper Buskin

Skiing was delightful today--but getting there was tough.

When it came time to leave the house, Stuart was sleeping soundly in my arms and I had a moment of domestic-ness where I thought, "Oh, I should stay behind, do the laundry, go to the store...". Patrick would not hear of this-he said, "Zoya, you must go. It'll be really  fun, the weather is spectacular and this is a ski you have never done before."

So off we sped in his red truck....filled up the tank with gas and filled my tummy up with some gatorade and a snickers bar. My mood and energy improved just in time as we headed across Buskin lake with Philip, Hans and Adelia.  The snow conditions keep us moving quickly, as did the cool temps (in the teens).  Fun times were had and we enjoyed doing something with Adelia, Philip and Hans as it  has been some time since we have skiied with them. 

The only thing missing was John Mahoney!! (He is in Eugene for the year with Patty.) It was the type of ski that we always enjoy doing with him. 


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