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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Times in Hawaii

Krissy, MJ, Stuey and I had such a smooth, relaxing trip to Hawaii. I loved it so much there, that I almost cried at the thought of returning home during our final day there...don't get me wront- I LOVE my home here in Kodiak-I just think the time away, warm ocean, warm breezes rejuvenated my spirit and I would have enjoyed a day or two longer. Everything went so perfectly-plans fit together so smoothly and I enjoyed the relaxed pace of it all.

I have known for years that Mary Jane is "obsessed" with finding cute high heel shoes. She'll wear high heel shoes in 6 inches of snow, through mud puddles-you name the weather condition and shes there in her heels. She will buy a pair of shoes, then buy the dress to match the shoes. On vacation, she brought 8 pairs of shoes with her and bought 4 pairs on the trip-a grand total of 12 (or was it 13?) pairs! I was in such awe that I had to take a photo. See below...

Krissy's obsession is swimsuits. She admitted to us that she owns 20+ swimsuits. I never would've guessed this as she had 1 swimsuit on our trip-it was reversible so it served as 2. :)

Top: Krissy, MJ, Stuey and myself on a self-photo on our deck.
Stuey taking his hat off.
MJ's shoe lineup on vacation in Hawaii. :)


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