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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kodiak Pow Pow

Today I went to Pyramid with Gregg and Steve and we skiied the Waterfall Run repeatedly. Great snow.  Around 3 inches of new 'smoke' powder from last night on top of week old powder.  The run faces east and has been in the lee of the past week's strong west winds - so it has held its powder.  The run is very steep and 1000 feet vertical.  
I was toying around with my camera and decided to try the rapid fire, paparazzi, click, click feature.  Get some Kodiak Pow Pow shots with my little point and shoot.  It actually worked remarkably well.  The photos are not as high resolution as normal, but I do get a sequence of photos of each skiier's run to choose from.  My camera took a picture about every 1/4 second. I got to pick the one where they looked the best! Patrick

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