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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Sick House

Stay clear of our red house on Cliffside Road. 

Yesterday Nora got a HORRIBLE stomach virus where she was getting sick every 15-20 minutes for most of the day. Poor thing. Patrick stayed home from work and was so wonderful in taking care of her. I was mightily impressed. He took her right under his wing and cared for her every need when she got sick. Our friend Karen was here for 3 hours helping as well. Bless her heart. She has such a natural way with helping. We made a few phone calls to the doctors office to determine what the hydration protocol was. Jeremy offered helpful advice which worked-1/2 oz. of fluids as able and he reminded us that any amount that goes down will have a chance to get absorbed into her system. Fortunately it passed in the evening and she didn't get sick all night.

This evening Patrick came down with whatever Nora had. He was praying to the porcelain gods like something fierce. Patrick has an uncanny ability to "hold it in"-i.e. repress the urge to throw up when he is sick. I don't know how he does it, but he lays there in a zen like state, not moving a muscle. He says he is able to make himself NOT throw up. 

But not tonight. Poor guy. Hes miserable. In bed with the dogs. Then up to the toilet. Then in bed with the dogs. Then up to the toilet. 

And I don't know that Nora is 100% either. She woke up crying a minute ago and feels warm to me. This could be a long night. Nurse Zoya is on duty. 



Mary said...

Oh no, that doesn't sound like fun times. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry Zoya. Wish I was there to help. Vickie