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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sailing Time

The highlight of my Hawaii trip was the Catamaran ride we went on the last day. Mary Jane had been on a sailboat before, but not on one where the sails were used (during a trip she went on in Bali-evidently there was not enough wind so they had to motor) sailing on the catamaran was a treat. The sea was rough, music was perfect for the mood (regeea), lunch consisted of a simple sandwich and chips. And the ocean was blissful to swim in. Someday it will be fun to go back with the kiddos and get them in little life preservers kicking around in the ocean looking for fish with snorkel gear. I could see Nora being WAY into that!

The sign next to the toilet on the boat cracked me up-just had to take a photo of it! It read "Do not put anything in the head unless you have eaten it first."

Photos: MJ in front of the catamaran
View of Diamond Head and Honolulu from the water.
MJ snorkeling break.
MJ and Zoya on the boat.
Sign inside the "Head" (aka toilet).


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