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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year 2015

On New Years Day 2015 the sky was clear and at 8:45 I texted two friends to see if they'd be up for a hike up Kasheverof mountain. Bless their hearts for not thinking I was crazy for being up so early and going along for the hike! :) (One of the friends had a moderate hangover from the night before and I re-assured them that a hike was the perfect way to work it off.)  

Erica lives here in Kodiak and the other is a long time, childhood friend, Nick. He was home from England for Christmas break- and always up for a hike.

We drove out the road 20 minutes and the sun wasn't quite over the horizon. As we were about 1/4 up the mountain, the sun hit the peaks across the valley in a gorgeous reddish glow. 

"Welcome 2015" I whispered to myself. 

Seeing the first sunrise of the year was a treat--something I don't normally do. I can tell this is going to be a year full of firsts for me!

Glow of 2015

Erica, myself and Nick

Erica and I on our way down

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