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Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of School and Beginning of Crab Fest

This time of year is filled with so much excitement for the kids; final days of school, the festivities that surround it and Crab Festival!

On the last week of school, St. Mary's hosts a very informal talent show. Nora mentioned it the night before but there wasn't anything in the newsletter about it.  Nora said she signed up to sing "You are my sunshine", (which she sang at the family talent show last summer in Montana).
Nora singing at school talent show

I forgot about it until yesterday at noon, I got a text photo from my girlfriend who happened to attend the talent show and she told me that Nora sang while the music teacher played guitar. I was so thrilled for Nora that she had the confidence to sing in the show and that the music teacher played guitar with her. Part of me was sad to have missed it, but then I heard how very informal and casual it was (with almost no parents in attendance) and I didn't feel so bad. Perhaps it helped Nora feel more relaxed to sing in the no pressure-no parent atmosphere.

Today was the last day of school and award ceremony, which was a tear jerker for me. Lots of the teachers are moving out of town this year, which made for some teary goodbyes.

St. Marys does a beautiful tradition where after the awards the teachers are up in front of the chapel and one by one, the students go up to their teacher. This is a chance for the teacher to tell each child a simple blessing or end of year message in a one on one setting. I sat there in the pews with many other teachers and parent, tears coming down our faces, so appreciative of all the teachers who have helped our children turn into the people they are. It was a moment in St. Marys time; a group of very special  teachers that will be all moving on to new places this summer.

Stuey and Nora with their teacher, Mrs. Jensen. Ms.Jensen was the one who got Nora and I started on her auditory processing program. 

Nora accepting the "Gold Award" For academic achievement in all areas. 

Stuey accepting "Gold Award" for academic achievement in all areas. 

Stuey with his teacher, Mrs.Nuno

After school...celebrating with Crab Fest!

Stuey, Estella and Nora enjoy their first time on the hang gliders! Love the  do', Stuey!


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