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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Garden just past the 4rth of July

Kale and parsley - the big plant is a holdover from 2014

Since my last garden post at the solstice (click here to see) the garden has really taken off.  Everything has gotten HUGE.  Recently the garlic started to pop out scapes and I am excited to say that they are awesome on salads and pizza.  The mustard greens and arugula have started to bolt and have been mostly pulled from the salad 'bar' portion of the garden.  Last year's kale continues to produce the tenderest greens and flowers - lots of flowers.  I pick the flowers every day on my way to the car when I'm off to work.  And it appears that the days of swiss chard and carrot harvesting are upon us.  And meanwhile the potatoes continue to grow. .. ..

Potatoes, roses, and Stuey's nasturtium plant

Potatoes and garlic

Carrots, beets and swiss chard

Carrots and 'salad bar'

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