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Monday, July 06, 2015

Kid Rhythm on Afognak

We returned from a 4 day trip to Afognak. Its been 4 years now since we started  camping there and every trip, the kids are able to help a bit more with camp tasks.  

Right upon arrival, Stuey and I sawed wood together. On the last trip, he was just taking an interest in learning how to saw and did a bit of practicing. This trip, he produced many chunks of good firewood. Side by side, we would saw and he enjoyed having mini races with me on who was sawing fastest. 

They also took interest in doing the dishes-a chore that I particularly enjoy and typically do by myself at the ocean side. On this trip, they would join me and scrub away with gravel or seaweed-whichever was available with the tide. 

When we returned back to Kodiak, I realized its going to be 2 months before we head out there again, which feels like an eternity. I'm going to have to get some camping in locally with friends or my scout troop to fill that desire to hear the wind in the trees at night and cook some camp meals. 


Sawing with Stuey

Appetizers and drawing together.

Smores in the makin'

Stuey and I shared a tent. His little stuffed animals, "Dot and Dottie" slept between us. One morning he reported that they slept so hard they were drooling. :)

Washing dishes together

An hour of fun on the log as the tide came in

Doing "Zendoodle" with Stuey

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