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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Teepee Time and Rescue

This is an Afognak post from our trip out there 3 weeks ago that I almost forgot to load up onto the blog.

One of the most exciting aspects of our last trip was surviving an intense storm.  The winds were so strong that I had to collapse the big teepee, and we all hunkered down for a 1/2 day in our sleeping tents.  The rain pelted the thin nylon of our shelters and the wind did its best to tear something loose.

Nora read Archie comic books in our tent while I napped.  I gather in the other tent it was less relaxing with Stuey demanding a bit more hands on attention from Zoya.  Zoya was only 'allowed' to take quick cat naps between 'toots' and before the next game of 'dot-to-dot'.

While out there, I also cooked salmon in a way I had not tried for a number of years.  Someone gave us a red salmon and rather than cooking it over an open fire I decided to cook it in a pot.  I basically poached the salmon on top of pasta with cheese and beach lovage greens on top.  It was excellent camp food.  Here is a link to the recipe I posted on the blog from a few years ago.

The trip ended when we barely beat another big storm and came home a day early.  If Rolan and Seahawk Air had not picked us up when they did early Sunday morning we would have been stuck out there in a storm until Tuesday.  Wow - that would have been a lot of 'dot-to-dot' games!


Marshmallows over the cookstove

Mmmmmm - poached salmon on pasta!

Rolan to the rescue!

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