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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Visit to our Afognak Neighbor

Family photo at Nancy's place

On Afognak we set out for a paddle to go around the point to meet our neighbor, Nancy H. Patrick had met her before, but this was a first for the kids and myself.

Stuey and Patrick in one boat, Nora and I in another-the seas were seriously glassy calm that morning. Nancy graciously showed us her cabin, made delicious strong coffee and shared juicy watermelon with us.

She had a cold beer for Patrick.

Stuey and I played on the beach for a bit while Nancy and Patrick talked. I saw the clouds rolling in and I knew the tide was changing, which was going to make our trip home harder.

It was time to leave.

I said to Stuey, "Let me go get daddy so we can head home. "
Stuey replied, "No, no, mommy. Its ok. Let him talk. He needs to get his talkies out."

We finally set off back to camp. The tide was very strong and within an hours period the winds had picked up. Furiously, we paddled. If Nora stopped paddling, we went backwards.

"Mom, this isn't fun! I'm scared."  Nora said.

"Honey, I know. But please just keep paddling, because when you stop, we go backwards" I replied. We made it to a nearby beach and piled the goods into Patricks inflatable canoe. The kids, Nancy and myself walked back along the beach and trails while Patrick kayaked back.

From the distance we watched Patrick battle the tide and white capped ocean. He made it back to Lipsett Point safe and sound.


Nancy and family

Setting out on the calm waters 

Nora and I

Watermelon. Yummmm.....

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