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Friday, October 11, 2013

Survey and hunt accommodations

After the survey we used the tent on the elk hunt

While on survey Mike and I shared a tent heated by a wood stove - both made by a company called Titanium Goat.  Together the stove and tent weighed around 5 pounds which is pretty light for such a roomy and well-heated shelter.  Later on during the hunt all 5 of us fit inside the tent.  Mike and I did most of our cooking on the wood stove and just used the little propane canister stove to heat water for coffee.

We had some stormy days, and the tent handled pretty severe winds with ease.  When we were tent-bound for a few days at least we were warm and dry.  We stoked the wood stove and read books.


Our spacious set up

Drying wood for the stove while tent bound

When the weather was glorious we left the front door open

We had our worst weather at our last camp - we got hit by some pretty serious gusts and it rained more than a couple of inches

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