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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Gathering

Last weekend we had some friends over for a halloween party. This year I used a gift certificate on a DJ that I had from an auction last winter.  He set up in the corner of our living room with lights, incredible muscic, etc. It was so much fun to dance with others in costume and have the DJ take care of keeping the tunes current, fun and dance-able!

Family pic! Stuey was an "ink blot"...he wasn't terribly inspired to dress up during that he just stayed in his school uniform clothes!

Mary Poppins and A Hanson brother form the movie Slapshot 

Characters from the miniseries "Glee"

Poseidan and mermaid

Mildred-lunch lady!

A vintage evening!

Cave man/woman and the cave art (center!)

Spook-tacular food!

Retro milkman and wife!

Winner of most creative costume-jellyfish! Home made by Adelia!

From TV miniseries about women in prison

Another TV miniseries costume

group pic in the kitchen


Ms. Alaska and Mr. Clean!

Dancin the night away!

Snowden--with top secret info on his flash drive!


My Little Family: said...

Love the family photo and Libby looks fantastic as the vintage lady!

cogito said...

Adelia's costume is smashing and very original. It was fun to recognize several familiar faces despite the disguise. I remember fondly the several Halloween parties that Herta and I attended at your home. Thank you and greetings from Oregon.