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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Recent Panoramics

This past weekend while hiking with Stuey in Abercrombie Park I took some panoramic photos.  Prior to this most of our photography together while on hikes has been close ups of plants. Stuey was intrigued with stichting photos together.  His camera does not do it automatically - so today he borrowed Nora's camera and has been trying to do them himself.  So far so good, but he still has not quite got the frames to all fit together.  But he is way gung ho about it and I am sure that Stuey panoramics will be on the blog shortly.

I also created some panoramics by myself while on a Columbus Day hunting trip with Brooks H.  We did not get a deer, but it was such a nice day and the scenery was spectacular.  I was a little bummed about no deer - the whole purpose of the hunt - but Brooks chided me, 'which would you rather no deer or no elk?' Put that way I was very happy to enjoy the deer-less sunshine, and reflect back on our successful elk hunt.  Because he is right - I'd much rather a quick elk than a quick deer.


Sunrise on our Columbus Day deer hunt

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